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Arya Technologies is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises, SMEs and technology challengers. We help businesses elevate their value & achieve supreme efficiency through targeted software development, IT Infrastructure Modernisation & Maintenance Solutions, Enterprise Application Software, Consultancy and lots more. Our team can assist you in transforming your business through latest tech capabilities to stay ahead of the curve.


Enterprises get a single solution with which, all key DevOps functions and processes are seamlessly integrated, manual tasks are automated or minimized, and the team and management get complete visibility of all the release pipelines and associated data across the DevOps cycle.

We solve intractable business problems in creative, unexpected and pragmatic ways. Our software engineering services provide you with premier access to emerging technologies through our vast network of industry partners. We’re there, incubating at the cutting edge to bring you simple, seamless software at its best.

We offer Data Quality Assurance, Data Consolidation and Enterprise Data Management with completeness, consistency, accuracy, auditability, timeliness, uniqueness and orderliness.

Connect all your business data across advertising, marketing, sales, commerce, and service. Build a complete view of your customer and their every interaction—no matter how, when, where, or with whom they engage thereby delivering exceptional customer experiences—from acquisition to retention—and everything in between.

Integrate a wide variety of control and monitoring systems and monitor a single asset, plant or hundreds of remote assets across multiple sites. Boost your preventative maintenance strategy and asset health and performance. It’s simple to set-up, manage and use without additional IT infrastructure or staffing.

Create data stories, generate actionable insights, and transform your everyday work with data-driven decision making to experience unprecedented growth and revenue by implementing advanced analytics across the enterprise.

Find deeper insights and make more accurate decisions with contextual analytics by embedding dashboards and analytics into your software. Seamless blend Analytics and transactions together and make data contextualized, dynamic and personalized.

Our IT talent developers have the know-how and can help you come up with custom technology solutions tailored to your business needs and requirements, customizing an existing application, assisting a growing company with the outsourcing of IT, or creating a dedicated team of software consultants for your organization.

Our highly skilled experts will help you determine the current state of IT in your company, assist in development of an IT strategy, technical audit, high-level architecture development, training and solution design to optimize the company’s IT infrastructure.

From Integrating New Technology Component into a Product to Developing Products into a New Market etc. frame early product design architecture and engineering approaches to solve key reliability issues and minimize overall program risk.

Modernize your operations to a digital business model with business process services that improve the customer experience, optimize business processes, lower costs and increase agility. From Customer Relationship Management Solutions to Back office operations to Network consultancy and management we deliver it all.

Data Analytics, Market Research/ Business Research, Global Reporting and Performance Management, Data Management our KPO Solutions empower organisations with actionable insights. Increase the effectiveness and Decrease the Cost by opting for us.

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Team Arya Technologies is the leader in its products and services catering to clients in more than 35 countries. Companies across sectors have successfully streamlined their workflow and business intelligence, grown profitability and created an edge over competitors.

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